Transform Your Property With an Exterior Home Improvement Project

Ball, LA's premier contractors are ready to renew your home

Give your home's exterior new life with exterior home improvement from Leon Angel Constructors.

Your home is more than just an interior space-the backyard, front yard, deck and patio are all important, too. Hire a team of professionals to make your home look like new. With the right exterior renovations, you can entertain friends, raise your home's value and wow the neighbors.

Take good care of your Ball, LA home in every way. Hire Leon Angel Constructors for your exterior home improvement needs.

Make your home's exterior shine like new

Make your home's exterior shine like new

Leon Angel Constructors can revamp, revitalize and renew any part of your home's exterior. We handle the following exterior renovations:

  • Gravel spreading
  • Landscape grading
  • Outdoor kitchen construction
  • Walkway and retaining wall repair
  • Deck board and patio concrete renovation

Get ready to experience your property in a whole new way. Email us now to discuss your specific needs for exterior home improvement in Ball, LA